Tea party activists remain wary of Romney
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Many tea party followers are put off by Romney’s close ties to the world of Wall Street and support for the George W. Bush administration’s bailout of the financial sector.
Mark Meckler, a national co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, said that some in the movement are talking about supporting a third-party candidate if Romney becomes the GOP nominee. “One thing you can say for certain is it would cause a drop-off of enthusiasm” in the general election, he said. “How far people would take that drop-off is impossible to predict.”
At the same time, Romney would like to sew up enough of the tea party vote to clinch the nomination quickly. His biggest challenge in that fight may be preventing Ron Paul from becoming the ultimate favorite of non-Romney voters. The Texas congressman is considered one of the fathers of the tea party movement and may be the only GOP candidate with the resources to go the distance in the primaries — and perhaps beyond.
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