Chuck Baldwin: Restoring The Republic
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Chuck Baldwin ran in 2008 as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, he’s also a pastor, writer and radio talk show host. Baldwin breaks down the left-right paradigm and how the globalists are in control of both major political parties. Baldwin also discusses solutions and actions the American people can take to reverse the new world order’s criminal agenda and restore our Republic.

Baldwin cites the States’ Rights movement as the primary method through which freedom-loving American citizens in the 21st century will regain the liberties that have been usurped by the federal government in Washington DC. Part of this process was started by the genuine grass roots Tea Party groups which began in January 2007 as part of Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency, organizations like Oath Keepers. Baldwin warns that neo-cons have surreptitiously infiltrated and are trying to take over the modern Tea Party internally and re-focus the energy and the philosophy of the movement.

The only way the Tea Party can succeed is if they avoid two party partisanship and stick to the issues, states Baldwin, adding that there are two factions within the Tea Party, the Sarah Palin/Newt Gingrich-neo-con faction that has hijacked the movement, and the founding Ron Paul constitutionalist faction. Baldwin says that we will know by 2012 which way the Tea Party will move and whether or not it will have any lasting impact.

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