A Tea Party senator from upstate wishes John Boehner were more like Andrew Cuomo
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State Senator Greg Ball believes his friends in the Tea Party would rather see the kind of bipartisan compromise forged by Andrew Cuomo in Albany than the firebrand opposition of the House Republicans in Washington.

"From a leadership perspective, it’s apparent that President Obama lacks the leadership skills of Andrew Cuomo," Ball told me in a phone call this afternoon. "And it’s also apparent that the congressional Republicans have individual members that are more intent on blowing up the process, as opposed to our conference in the Republican [State] Senate, where we’re focused on moving the state forward through less taxes, bipartisan leadership, even if that means compromise."

Ball, an outspoken ideological conservative and self-proclaimed Tea Partier who proudly calls the group his political base, was reacting to yesterday’s vote by House Republicans to reject an extension of the payroll tax cut that had already passed the Senate by a vote of 89-10. The vote puts the payroll tax cut in jeopardy, since Senate Democrats have already vowed not to return to session before the cut expires on January 1.

And while the Tea Party is largely credited for pressuring Speaker John Boehner into scuttling the deal, Ball said that obstructionist posture doesn’t reflect the group’s rank and file, and noted that even Tea Partiers don’t give high approval ratings to the House Republicans.

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Long Island malaise launches glory era for local Tea Party groups
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Stephen Flanagan, a gravelly-voiced Tea Party activist, spent most of May and June in the back room of a dilapidated Long Island office complex lobbying for Andrew Cuomo’s property-tax cap, which finally passed as part of Albany’s big budget package.

The tax cap was overshadowed in the media by the concurrent passage of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in New York. But Flanagan didn’t care. This was his issue, and he was counting it in the win column.

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CNY tea party leader is no fan of Gov. Andrew Cuomo or his budget plan
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I don’t take Michael Caputo seriously. Michael Caputo went to, I believe, The New York Times and “Capitol Tonight” and claimed he had the support of the tea parties across the state. That is a lie. I’ve spoken with many tea party leaders across the state. Most are outraged at that remark. I’ve heard from people that went to the meeting, that it was a screaming match, a yelling match, and they were upset that Michael Caputo was even there, stating what he was stating.

We’re talking about a meeting that took place in Oneonta. I believe the date was Jan. 30. … He got up and pushed Cuomo’s budget. A lot of people were very angry. I believe it took place at the Neptune Diner, and I believe they were told never to come back.

I do not. There are too many unknowns. He’s going after education. That is a good thing. That one, I approve of, because 74 percent of these school districts have a hell of a lot of money stashed away. Some things he wants to do are good. But I don’t think he’s going strong enough. I don’t think he’s going after the pensions of these teachers. The tenure part. The unions. He needs to be stronger.

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More Tea Partiers Back Cuomo’s Version Of ‘Carl Lite’
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Failed gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s campaign manager, Michael Caputo, coined the “Carl Lite” phrase, so I can’t take credit for it.

But however much Gov. Andrew Cuomo might take issue with that characterization, it seems be working, as Caputo’s push to get New York’s Tea Party crowd on board with the Democratic governor’s fiscally conservative budget appears to be gaining steam.

The latest to sign on are Bob and Mary Meyer, co-founders of the Suffolk County 9-12 Project.

The couple sent out an e-mail yesterday that included a link to a recent National Review story entitled “Cuomo the Conservative,” and urged fellow Tea Partiers to back Cuomo’s agenda, even though it doesn’t go nearly as far as Paladino had proposed.

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Candidates make local appearances
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The state’s two major party gubernatorial candidates, Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo, made local stops Friday evening as their campaigns head into the homestretch.
Despite trailing in the polls, Republican candidate Carl Paladino continued to project his trademark brash confidence as he greeted supporters during a rally in Corning’s Centerway Square.
“We’re gonna close this gap,” he said. “We’re gonna really surprise ‘em, because the vote that’s gonna come out in upstate New York is gonna be absolutely phenomenal.”
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The full reform ticket
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Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is vowing to “clean up Albany” if elected governor. But, as we said on these pages yesterday, it’ll be tough for any one person to do that.

Which is why New Yorkers planning to vote for Cuomo would do well to back like-minded reformers for other key offices — like GOP financial expert Harry Wilson for comptroller and Staten Island DA Dan Donovan for attorney general.

And to block those who are part of the old Albany corruptocracy, such as Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Sen. Eric Schneiderman — respectively, Wilson and Donovan’s foes.

The fewer of the old stalwarts arrayed against Cuomo, the better.

Take Schneiderman: He’s spent 12 years in the Senate — boosting spending, hiking taxes and doing legislative dirty work for special interests. He personally sponsored the big tax hike of ‘09 and was one of just eight senators to oppose the property-tax cap that’s integral to Cuomo’s reform agenda.

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