The Tea Party: Extreme or Mainstream in 2012?
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Since its birth, the Tea Party has challenged traditional Washington thinking, especially its spending habits.

While many voters support the movement, its critics are resorting to labeling it as extreme and stubborn.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. told CBN News its principle first no matter what.

"I think the future of our country is more important than a deal. I think a solution is more important than a deal, and I don’t think anything we did approaches a solution," he explained.

The question in 2012 is — can the Tea Party continue to elect constitutional conservatives on Capitol Hill? Strength in numbers may be the only chance to change the Tea Party conversation from extreme to mainstream.

Why The Tea Party Remains In Charge
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Yet, in a style reminiscent of the Revolutionary war; totally outmanned by the Main Stream Media, and questions of their integrity by their “friends,” the Tea Party has survived, and thrived.  According to a recent articles from The Washington Post and The Daily Beast, the Tea Party has won this debate/negotiation/compromise over the debt ceiling. This is a stunning revelation.  The Tea Party has been maligned as uninspired and ignorant, its members attacked – verbally and physically! – and called racists and extremists.  It was Sen. Reid who was saying that the Tea Party would fade away.

For all of the Main Stream cloud cover and vicious and insulting attacks from elected leadership (including the president) the Tea Party controls the political and cultural debate in America.  If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, there would have been no debate on the debt ceiling.  No debate on the spending problem in the United States. No effort to make the attempts to fight the machine and make America a fiscally responsible nation.  The Tea Party has forced America to have the conversation, and the MSM was unable to stop it.  Yet the articles and the media spin on the Tea Party fail to pinpoint why the Tea Party is so effective, so strong and so entrenched.

Americans are not drawn to the Tea Party because they are extremists or anti-government.  This is a false premise, put forth by those who believe in insult, not investigation.  The Tea Party are firm believers in government that is far smaller – in terms of dollars and scope.  The Tea Party is not extremist, as there is nothing extreme about living within ones means.  There is nothing extreme about the recognition that you can not spend your way into prosperity.  There is nothing extreme about petitioning our government for a redress of grievances.  Certainly, it would be folly for opposition Leftists to assert that utilization of the 1st Amendment is extreme….but they continue to be deluded by their false premises.

Schumer Stands by Tea Party Description
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Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday stood by his characterization of the Tea Party movement as “extreme” — though he was overheard on a conference call last week describing the term as a political talking point. 

The New York senator, speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” reiterated his claim that the Tea Party is “standing in the way” of a compromise between Republicans and Democrats over a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. 

"The American people are seeing the Tea Party for what it is — extreme,” Schumer said.